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Could she even hold a tune? The film opened with a dance in the castle of the Prince, played by Dan Stevens, all powdered wigs and twirling gowns filling the screen. We learn how he, fixated with outer beauty, becomes the Beast. I held my breath. The moment of truth was here. As much as I wanted to hate this remake, with all of its colorful twirling petticoats and harmonies, it dawned on me.

Beauty And The Beast Essays and Research Papers

Belle would rather choose a life as a crazy cat lady than marry some pompous turd. I remembered why she was so empowering to me, and some of the young ones in the crowd may be having the same feelings as I did as a kid. I let myself go. When Watson swung over Philippe and rode off without a single fear or hesitation to save her father, I accepted her as my real-life Belle.

Beauty and the Beast Explained: Tale as Old as Time

I fell into the world that Disney had brought to life, vibrant and fantastical. The clapping and laughing gave it away: We were in this together. We all know how the rest of the film goes: Belle tries to escape and the Beast saves her, then she in turn saves him and love saves them all.

They dance, everyone cries and in the end the hairy nerd defeats the arrogant jerk to win the heart of the girl, proving that inner beauty triumphs. This is a classic fairy tale that stresses the importance of looking for the good within a person instead of coming to a conclusion based off of what one can see on the outside. This does not have to be the introduction to the research paper, but it must be extremely close and relate to the "Don't judge a book by its cover" theme as this is what was submitted and approved.

Research Paper Warning: Failure to follow instructions about topic approval and using sources will result in a grade of zero for this paper. Read the instructions carefully, and let me know if you have any questions. Introduction: You will write a four to five page researched essay not including the works cited page on a children? The format, including heading, margins, font, etc. The purpose of research papers is not to collect information on your topic, cutting and pasting it together from encyclopedias and National Geographic. Your goal is to render an analysis of your topic in much the same way that you analyzed two versions of a fairy tale for your first paper.

Use your research to defend and support your analysis like you used quotations and plot events from fairy tales to show that what you say is accurate. The paper should be primarily composed of your views; the research shows that you are informed on the topic. Avoid over using sources; a short quotation or paraphrase is using a source, and there's no need to cite the same source repeatedly to show me you are using the sources. Avoid using sources for your thesis statement and topic sentences; use these high-profile spots to emphasize your ideas. Do not ignore sources that differ from your own views.

You may present opposing viewpoints to critique the views of those who do not agree with you. In other words, you may present views that differ from your own if you then state why these views are wrong, misguided, or inaccurate. Make it clear that the opposing views are clearly marked as ideas you do not support.

Beauty and the Beast - Essay Example

However, it is more likely that the film responds to the Supreme Court decision in Brown vs. The Board of Education because. Ask why it is significant, how it works, and why it is important. Ask what it means whether "it" is a character, a setting, an idea, a symbol, a reference to another literary work, a sentence, a piece of architecture, a monument, or whatever.

Adventures in a Masters Degree: An essay on Beauty and the Beast | Jodie Portugal

Short references to biographical information may be used to make a critical point about your topic, but do not write a biographical paper about an author or a paper that only summarizes the events of any story, play, poem, etc. Topics can range from a paper that uses the elements of fiction to analyze the theme of a story to an essay that compares and contrasts two stories or poems that address similar themes. Papers may focus on characters, symbols, setting, theme, etc. Essays can compare the literature to a film that was based on or influenced by the work.

Papers can discuss and explain how the work has impacted the "real world. The possibilities are almost infinite. Find something that interests you, and analyze it by asking what it means and how it works. Topics must relate to children? You will have your topic approved by submitting a thesis prospectus through Blackboard email. This prospectus should inform me of your topic, how you plan to analyze that topic in the paper and the primary sources that you are using in about five to seven sentences.

Do not, however, address the reader directly or use phrasing such as "my paper will be about" or "I am going to write on. I will respond by approving the topic, asking some questions, or recommending that you select another topic.

click here All topics must be approved by me; papers on unapproved topics will not be accepted. Your topic must be analytic in nature and cannot simply gather information from sources. What if you decide to change your topic after you have an approved topic? You may change your topic, but you must also submit a new prospectus. Also, keep in mind that changing your topic gives you less time to write the paper for the new topic. Get started early. Research and Sources: Once you have a topic, you should ask yourself what you know about the topic, and what you need to find out.

Then, you are ready to do some preliminary research. Primary sources are the works that you are analyzing, and secondary sources are materials that you research to help you make your analysis. For example, if you choose to write a paper on Peter Pan, then Peter Pan is your primary source, and anything you use other than Peter Pan is a secondary source. You will need a minimum of four, but no more than six secondary sources.

Primary sources the literature your paper focuses on are not counted in the four to six source count, but you do need to cite them.

Also, dictionaries and encyclopedias are not acceptable secondary sources. Wikipedia and similar encyclopedias offer only the most basic information on a given topic and are not acceptable in a college level paper.. Not all sources on a given topic are equal. In terms of newspapers, the Enquirer is not nearly as credible and reliable as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, and the first sources you find are not necessarily the most reliable. Do not stop when you find three publications that mention your topic. Look for more sources than you need, and use the most reliable, informative, and persuasive ones.

When Beauty decides to marry him for his goodness and is able to overlook his appearance and his lack of sense, Beast turns into a handsome prince and Beauty is given a kingdom to rule next to him. This romantic aspect of the story has drawn in many fans, but it also conveys an important message to those who read it and use it as a moral allegory. The story is meant to show that it is not what is on the outside that counts, but what is on the inside. This theme is one of the oldest and most cliched, but it is a lesson that was thought to be important to young people hundreds of years ago, as well as today.

Literature from this period and of this type is known for its symbolism and this demands interpretation to understand how it all fits together. The first object that requires a deeper look is the rose, which becomes the thing that creates the entire storyline. The morals of the time would have taught young women to not be selfish, and that being that way would turn them into bitter old women, just as the sisters are turned into statues.

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The fairytale of Beauty and the Beast is one that is widely known and loved. Movies, books, and cartoons have all been made based on it, and in terms of literature, it holds up as a story that is beautiful and that would have been used to teach morals and values to generations of young women. While times change and the definition of womanhood changes with it, the values taught within Beauty and the Beast are not all to be disregarded. The idea that we can fall in love with someone for who they are and not how they look is one that still resonates, and the ability to be the best we can be and do what is right is also a value that everyone should embody.