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The assassination order, which could have been given only by Elijah Muhammad himself, hastened Malcolm's "psychological divorce" from the Muslims. Soon his newfound feeling of independence, coupled with his awareness of his popularity with ghetto blacks, led him to found his own organization. Despite its name, Muslim Mosque, Inc. Malcolm realized the necessity of including blacks of all faiths in his new organization, so he attempted to de-emphasize the religious bias. At the same time, however, he was being influenced more and more by the orthodox Islam faith of the Middle East, and early in , he decided to make a pilgrimage to Mecca, the Holy City of Islam — a journey which every true Muslim must make once in his lifetime.

Malcolm X : The Documentary

Malcolm's pilgrimage to Mecca was financed by Ella, who had also broken with the Nation of Islam, and who had been saving to make the pilgrimage herself. The trip was arranged with the cooperation and assistance of Muslim officials in America, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia; all obstacles in the complicated procedure of obtaining permission to enter the city were ignored because of the assistance of other Muslims, black and white.

During the pilgrimage, Malcolm began to realize that the whiteness he had hated and fought in America was not so much a matter of color, as the Nation of Islam had taught, but a matter of attitude and behavior. Being white did not make a man evil; but being a white American, however, generally did imply certain patterns of behavior and certain attitudes about race. Thus Malcolm began to believe that the only way that America could avert racial disaster was to alter its social makeup and to accept the "Oneness of Man" under the "Oneness of God" — a truth which "Christian" white America had ignored.

This is not to say that Malcolm came to embrace the doctrine of integration; he did not. He still believed in the separation of races, mainly because of the natural inclination of peoples of similar color to seek one another out. But he did believe it possible for people of different races to cooperate and coexist if they would learn to consider one another as brothers under Allah. After the pilgrimage, Malcolm once again changed his name. The first change had been the renunciation of his "slave name," Little; the new change was the acceptance of the ceremonial Muslim title, Elijah Malik El-Shabazz, "the pilgrim Malcolm the Negro.

On his return journey, Malcolm visited several Middle Eastern and African countries and was received as an important visitor by both state officials and African-American expatriates in Nigeria and Ghana. This journey revealed to him the internal role of the black man and the possibilities of an international union of purpose among black people. It was this awakening that led to the idea of taking the matter of the black man's role in America before the United Nations — that is, he wanted to treat it as an international problem.

Malcolm was not surprised that his idea failed to gain wide support, nor that African Americans did not rush to follow him into orthodox Islam as their religion.

Malcolm X Essay

He felt that circumstances had permitted him to realize things they could not yet realize, especially during his pilgrimage to Mecca; therefore, they could not fully understand the significance of his new religion and his feelings about international black unity. Malcolm made another trip to Africa and to the Middle East later in , and was again received as a visiting dignitary by the heads of state of the various nations he visited.

He returned and spent much time working with his Organization of Afro-American Unity, which he had founded after his first trip abroad. These last few months of his life were a time of intense pressure. He was under continual threat of assassination by the Black Muslims, and his assistants were continually harassed and assaulted. His family was threatened with eviction from their home, which was owned by the Nation of Islam; and pressing financial needs of both his family and his fledgling organization kept him busy, speaking on college campuses and filming television programs.

He also spent a great deal of time attempting to mend his relationship with more "moderate" black leaders. Early in , he traveled to France and England to make speaking engagements, but he was refused entry to France because he was an "undesirable. Malcolm and his family escaped injury, but half the house was destroyed. Malcolm accused the Black Muslims of this attempt on his life; the Muslims countered with the charge that Malcolm had bombed the house himself for the sake of publicity.

A few days later, Malcolm confided to his collaborator on the Autobiography, Alex Haley, that he was no longer certain that it was the Muslims who were attempting to take his life. He made no specific charges but said that he thought the attempts might be related to "what happened to me in France" — implying some sort of threat against him by persons in positions of authority.


On Sunday, February 21, , Malcolm X was assassinated. As he began to speak, a fight broke out in the audience. During the ensuing confusion, three gunmen approached the stage and shot him down. He died instantly. Three men, two of them Black Muslims, were arrested and convicted of the crime, but many of Malcolm's adherents still feel that the assassination was planned and carried out by a larger group of conspirators, perhaps including agents of the U. Whoever killed Malcolm, however, did not succeed in destroying his influence. Through The Autobiography of Malcolm X, published after his death, he has reached a much wider and more sympathetic audience than he ever had during his lifetime.

The volume may be read in many ways. As an autobiography, it tells the life story of an interesting and important man. As a sociological study, it provides fascinating insights into ghetto life and the ways which one man learned to survive in the ghetto. As a religious work — which is perhaps the way Malcolm intended the book to be read — it tells of his struggle to find his God. Yet it is as a political work that the book has had its strongest impact. Through the Autobiography, Malcolm has continued to exert great influence over the various black radical political movements since his death.

His precise political position at the end of his life is unclear; however, he had been going through a period of transition during the year since his expulsion from the Nation of Islam, and he had been reassessing his old beliefs. One of the major difficulties with this autobiography is the fact that it was written over a period of two years, during one of which he was still a Black Muslim minister; also, he died before the book could be put into final form.

Therefore, his attitudes expressed in the book sometimes seem contradictory, and it is difficult to tell in exactly what direction he was moving at the end of his life. Perhaps he would most like to be remembered as he suggested to Life magazine reporter Gordon Parks a few days before his death.

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Sign In. Pop Quiz! After Malcolm left Laura, she became a. The black Americans cultural movement which was rampant in the 20s diminished in the 30s as a result of the great depression whereby attention was diverted to the economic issues.

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There was a high rate of unemployment among the black people and it was during this time Malcolm X was in his youthful life. Essays on Malcolm X should have a good thesis statement in the introduction and a strong standpoint in the conclusion. Identifying a theme in an outline of Malcolm X essay is not enough.

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